Month: September 2018

Pictures & Prose: Be The Change

A creative writing piece from my creative writing and poetry blog.

Platform: Self-Publishing — Carrot Ranch Literary Community

Share from Debby Gies about self-publishing.

Q&A: What Do You Do As A Ghostwriter?

In this Q&A post, I share the answer to what do I do as a ghostwriter. It’s abiutnbelping would-be writers become published authors, bloggers, and poets. Helping entrepreneurs write books that showcase their business and help them attract more leads. And it’s about helping you find your voice and share it with the world.

Love Is

Originally posted on Shell Vera: Poetry & Fiction:
What Does Love Look Like? Love is giving of myself until I can’t give anymore yet not losing myself within you. It is surrendering my all to you, even when you haven’t given anything to me;…

Appreciation – Epitome Freewriting Story

Originally posted on Eyes Straight Ahead – Shell Vera:
If you haven’t already heard of Epitome, it’s time to become familiar with them. I recently had the opportunity to freewrite during their “Appreciation” Album Release party. As the band played, Felicia Stevens of The…