Month: March 2019

Your Story May Come from Your Devastation

Sometimes devastation is where your strongest idea begins. If you haven’t been able to develop your story, perhaps you need to look around you and think outside the box.

Your Story May Not Be Right for a Book

Books aren’t the only way to share your story. In fact, there are many other ways that can attract a wider audience depending upon your goals, your vision,and your dream.

Having a Dream versus Having Goals

Until you know what your dream is, it will be difficult to identify your voice or verify it’s authentic. Eric Thomas shares some insight having a dream versus having goals in this inspiring video.

Visiting Prospects’ Social Media Sites and Blogs to Build Deeper Engagement for Your Blog

In this seventh installment on the importance of building community in blogging we cover visiting prospective clients’ blogs and social media.

Sharing Your Blog Posts in Emails and on LinkedIn

In this sixth installment of The Importance of Building Community in Blogging series we discuss sharing your blog posts in your email signature and through LinkedIn profiles and articles.

Networking with Others Whose Products/Services Complement Yours

In this fifth installment on the importance of building community in blogging we dive into why networking is so important to building your community.

Building Community by Engaging with Others’ Blogs

Community is one of the most important aspects of building a blog. Most think you post a blog and sit back, but the truth is there is more work than that if you want to see success with blogging. In this fourth installment of the “Importance of Community in Blogging” series, we discuss building community by engaging with others’ blogs.

Building Community by Engaging with Others Through Social Media

If you want to build your blog’s engagement and views, you have to do a few things on your part as well. In this third installment of the series on building community, we discuss engaging with others through social media.

Sharing Your Blog Posts to Social Media to Increase Visibility

Sharing your blog posts on social media is important to develop community. Explore this first of seven steps in a bit more detail today.

The Importance of Community when Blogging

Community is so important to the success of your blog. Here are some steps to get you started.