Month: November 2019

Poetry: Love Is…

How do you define love?

Using the Keys in your Hand

Sometimes, the reason you aren’t moving forward is that you are holding on to keys in your hand instead of using them to unlock doors. Be sure you are using all your gifts, talents, and skills.

Poetry: Standing on my Tippy Toes

What’s it like when you meet someone who changes your world and shows you how capable you really are? I wrote a poem about how I felt when it happened.

Letting Go Can Be Beautiful

Maybe it’s time to let go of what’s dead in your life…

Mountains & Your Voice

What’s stopping you from feeling like you you’re being authentic when you speak, write for others, or perform in front of others?

Create Something. — The Essential Creative Community

It’s time to just create. Stop boxing yourself in based upon your expectations. You may find your best creation comes when you don’t know what the result will be!

Writing Tip: Understanding Your True Voice

To understand your true voice, try writing for one person instead of millions.