Month: October 2021

How Looking Back Can Help You Move Forward

Looking back can help you move forward when you use healthy outlets for reflection and growth. In this post, I share three outlets that helped me make several changes over the past decade.

How to Become More Disciplined

Discipline is a powerful tool that we have within us when we take the time to ignite it. Learn the benefits of discipline and five tips for becoming more disciplined.

Get Used to Doing the Hard Things

Distasteful tasks may be unpleasant but you could be making them worse than they have to be. Avoiding tasks because they aren’t your favorite… or they truly are gross or hard, could be depriving you of a level of maturity and normalizing doing hard things.

Know When To Take A Break

Being proactive and making progress in life doesn’t mean you work all the time. It means you plan for your breaks and know how to differentiate between proactively taking a break and procrastinating.

How to Stop Overwhelm from Paralyzing You

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all you have to do and let projects slide. Let’s talk about how to handle that kind of procrastination.

When Loss Reveals the Depth of Love

This challenge from 3 AM Epiphany, Point of View Exercise 1: The Reluctant I, is to write a 600 word story from the first person point of view using “I” only twice. Let’s talk about HARD!

How to Build Your Confidence

Building your confidence is important if you want to stop procrastinating. With low self-esteem, you will hold yourself back and it will cause you to become stuck. You put things off because you feel like you can’t do them well. It’s time to stop that! You CAN and you WILL win in this life. It’s time to start.

Want to Stop Procrastinating? Do These 4 Things.

To let go of your bad habit of procrastinating, you need to develop a new habit of being proactive. Here’s four steps you can implement this week to start your new habit.

Procrastination to Progress Challenge: Weekly Check In #2

Checking in with you to see how you are doing with our October Procrastination to Progress challenge.

Self-Check: Is Stubbornness Preventing You from Being Proactive?

If you are too stubborn, it becomes harder to be proactive because you allow your pride to get in the way of completing tasks. Before we go further in the series, let’s discuss this and do away with it for good!