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Stop Putting Yourself Down. It’s Time to Elevate!

Do you constantly find yourself too wrapped up in your flaws? If so, it could be getting in the way of living the life you dream of and COULD be loving if you’d stop putting yourself down and start embracing your flaws.

Poetry: Words that Cut Deep (After “Stumble” by Amanda Baker)

An after poem inspired by Amanda Baker. Going back to my childhood and 20s, I wrote from a place of remembering and forgiveness.

Letter To a Younger Me

I started reflecting upon what I’d say to my younger self. This post is the result.

For Those Who Are Hurting…

You are who are pretending to be okay when you are hurting inside and barely holding on to the little you have, I see your struggle.

You who are continuing to pour out to others even though your heart longs to be poured into, I hear your cries.

You who are showing up despite wanting to quit, I honor your sacrifice.

I see you. I hear you. I honor you.

Wrap Up: Where To Go From Here

Day 30 of a 30-day challenge! Can you believe we made it? How’s it feel? Let’s talk about where we go from here.

Resources to Help You Stop Procrastinating

We’ve made it to Day 29! Tomorrow is our last day so I wanted to share some resources to help you if you’re still struggling.

Procrastination to Progress Challenge: Weekly Check In #4

Checking in with you to see how you are doing with our October Procrastination to Progress challenge.

How Journaling Empowers You In Living a Proactive Life

Journaling is how I have been making progress throughout my life. I believe it is a great tool for living a proactive life and encouraging you to see your progress.

Use Pictures & Video to Record Your Progress

Capturing your progress on film or video will help you see where you’ve come from AND where you’re still heading.

Be a Positive Role Model

Being a positive role model for your children and those around you can be a great motivator for giving up your procrastination habit in exchange for a proactive lifestyle.