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Want to Stop Procrastinating? Do These 4 Things.

To let go of your bad habit of procrastinating, you need to develop a new habit of being proactive. Here’s four steps you can implement this week to start your new habit.

Procrastination to Progress Challenge: Weekly Check In #2

Checking in with you to see how you are doing with our October Procrastination to Progress challenge.

Self-Check: Is Stubbornness Preventing You from Being Proactive?

If you are too stubborn, it becomes harder to be proactive because you allow your pride to get in the way of completing tasks. Before we go further in the series, let’s discuss this and do away with it for good!

How to Get Used to Being Proactive

It’s not always easy to tolerate a proactive lifestyle. You’ve been procrastinating for so long, it may feel really weird at first to do things ahead of schedule. Here’s some tips for ensuring you don’t trip yourself up.

How Shifting Your Mindset Helps You Become More Proactive

Procrastinating less starts with shifting your mind and committing to a more proactive lifestyle. Doing so empowers you to feel less overwhelmed and gives you a healthier sense of self.

How Saying “Yes” Can Encourage Procrastination

Yesterday, we talked about excuses people make when they procrastinate and how it can lead them to feel justified in their actions. One that is really popular and warrants additional exploration is, “There isn’t enough time to do everything.” We talked in the post about having a packed schedule is one of the contributions to this excuse and how important it is to set appropriate boundaries. Let’s dive into this one a little deeper because it’s important for you to see how saying “Yes” to everything that comes your way can encourage you to procrastinate more.

Self-Check: Do You Use These Excuses to Justify Your Procrastination?

When I think about how fast time flies, I can see how it’s easy to procrastinate and want to get the most out of each day with things we love to do versus have to do. But we aren’t here for that, are we? We are here to kick this terrible habit out of our lives for good. Let’s talk about those excuses and how to stop them.

Self-Check: Do You Possess these Traits Common Among Procrastinators?

Let’s do a self-check before we dive into this week. Do you possess these traits that are common among procrastinators? If so, don’t worry, there’s hope for you. Admission is your first step!

Procrastination to Progress Challenge: Weekly Check In

Checking in with you to see how you are doing with our October Procrastination to Progress challenge.

Acknowledge Your Procrastination and Identify Why You Do It

The key to breaking any bad habit is to first admit you have a problem. Today we are going to do that and then dive into why we procrastinate.