Category: Services Overview

Workshops / Online Classes

One of my passions is teaching workshops and classes. I enjoy connecting with people and seeing them realize their dreams and potential, as well as following up with them to see how far they have come.

Voice Discovery Coaching

Do you know you have a story to share but aren’t sure about your voice or how to use it? That’s what I am here to help you with. Through this unique, personalized approach, we will ensure you discover your voice, develop the courage to use it, and identify the platform(s) to share your story with your audience.

Ghostwriting Services*

When you need someone to write it for you and never speak of such things.

Blog Writing

If you are too busy to write your blog, let me take the burden off your hands.

Writing Coaching Calls

If you’re stuck and need weekly, monthly, or quarterly calls, this is the option for you.

Writing Strategy Call

Need help with non-blog projects? This call will help you become unstuck.

Blog Strategy Call

Need a boost with your blog? Let’s jump on a call and talk strategy!