Category: Understanding Your Voice

“Interruption” by Brandon & Cornieta Whitfield

Cornieta and Brandon Whitfield’s book “Interruption” is a must-read for anyone who has experienced a setback in life. Whether a life-changing tragedy or a small blip on the radar, this book will help you understand how all detours can help point you toward your God-given purpose.

The Difference Between Your Story and Your Voice

As a voice discovery coach, I am often asked by perspective clients what the difference is between their story and their voice. It’s something that people confuse often, feeling like they can’t share their story because it’s not unique or because someone with a similar story has shared it before. However, your story is not your voice. Your voice is unique to you.

Using the Keys in your Hand

Sometimes, the reason you aren’t moving forward is that you are holding on to keys in your hand instead of using them to unlock doors. Be sure you are using all your gifts, talents, and skills.

Mountains & Your Voice

What’s stopping you from feeling like you you’re being authentic when you speak, write for others, or perform in front of others?

Writing Tip: Understanding Your True Voice

To understand your true voice, try writing for one person instead of millions.

Is Your Story Lost in the Noise of the Crowd? Rescue It!

It’s time to understand that your audience is looking for you… show up for them!

Step Away from the Crowd for Clarity: Journaling

Do you feel like you must be part of the crowd to find your place within it? Sometimes stepping away to journal is how you find your place.

Having a Dream versus Having Goals

Until you know what your dream is, it will be difficult to identify your voice or verify it’s authentic. Eric Thomas shares some insight having a dream versus having goals in this inspiring video.