Category: Voice Discovery

Letting Go Can Be Beautiful

Maybe it’s time to let go of what’s dead in your life…

Mountains & Your Voice

What’s stopping you from feeling like you you’re being authentic when you speak, write for others, or perform in front of others?

For Everyone Trying to be Somebody…

Whether you have been a star citizen who has excelled all your life or you are a convicted felon in jail for multiple life sentences, you have purpose and you matter. Start living like you do.

Is Your Story Lost in the Noise of the Crowd? Rescue It!

It’s time to understand that your audience is looking for you… show up for them!

You Are Your ONLY Competition

Too many people think their voice doesn’t matter because there is too much competition out there. The truth is that only YOU can say what you have to say the way you say it. Stop selling yourself short and start sharing your story.