Recommended Copywriters, Coaches, Graphic Designers

The following are people and companies I believe you should know if you are going to publish a blog, book, or any printed material that will be seen by your audience. These are trusted friends, colleagues, and writers who will help you go to the next level.


I first met Jen as a client and later became friends with her. She is a phenomenal copywriter who has been trained by the best. If you want copy that converts, Jen is who you want!


Vickie Gould

Vickie has helped friends and authors I have worked with in the past rise to Amazon best seller status quickly and increase their client portfolio. She works with entrepreneurs who would like to write books to expand their reach. Visit her website for more information.

Kristina Voegele is the founder of Grit & Grace and is a Life Coach as well as phenomenal writerpreneur! What is a writerprenueur? Visit to learn more and sign up for her webinar with actionable steps to understand the concept and learn how to take your writing and career desires to the next level.

Graphic Designers

At Infiniti Design, Nancy and her team brainstorm, sketch, doodle and colour outside the lines. They’re an open-ended cube with endless creativity. Infiniti Design will partner with you to design, brand and expand your business to your target market in a creative, polished and exceptional way, ensuring that your business personality, services and products sparkle and shine.