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Acknowledge Your Procrastination and Identify Why You Do It

The key to breaking any bad habit is to first admit you have a problem. Today we are going to do that and then dive into why we procrastinate.

Why “I Work Better Under Pressure” is a Lie for Most People

If you believe you work better under pressure, this short post will help you realize the truth behind two of the myths that cause you to believe this lie. Learning this truth has helped me better plan my schedule.

Two Ways Procrastination Can Hurt You Most

There are two areas where procrastination can hurt you most. When it is a habit, be sure to remain aware of these areas so you don’t find yourself alone and broke.

You Aren’t the Only One Putting Things Off

You aren’t the only one putting things off for tomorrow. Many people procrastinate. Learn the truth about why folks postpone things and why it’s not always a bad thing to do so in this 3rd post of our 30-day challenge.