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How Journaling Empowers You In Living a Proactive Life

Journaling is how I have been making progress throughout my life. I believe it is a great tool for living a proactive life and encouraging you to see your progress.

How Looking Back Can Help You Move Forward

Looking back can help you move forward when you use healthy outlets for reflection and growth. In this post, I share three outlets that helped me make several changes over the past decade.

Journal Prompts

For those who would like to do some writing this weekend, here are some journal prompts you can use.

Journaling to Discover Your Story

I am teaching a journaling class in New London, CT from March 10, 2020 through May 5th. Join me for an 8 week creative experience during which you will learn how to journal your story through thought processing and creative writing.

Using the Keys in your Hand

Sometimes, the reason you aren’t moving forward is that you are holding on to keys in your hand instead of using them to unlock doors. Be sure you are using all your gifts, talents, and skills.

Create Something. — The Essential Creative Community

It’s time to just create. Stop boxing yourself in based upon your expectations. You may find your best creation comes when you don’t know what the result will be!

Freedom Fridays: Journal Prompts for Ensuring Proper Self-Care

Journal prompts to help you live your best life.

Freedom Fridays: Journal Prompts to Develop Your Courage

Each Friday I share prompts to help you journal toward your best life.

Freedom Fridays: Journal Prompts for Discovering Your Voice

Journal prompts to empower you to continue moving towards living your best life.

Freedom Fridays: Journal Prompts to Free Your Mind

Weekly journal prompts to keep your mind fresh and keep you moving towards full freedom and living your best life!