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Procrastination to Progress Challenge: Weekly Check In #2

Checking in with you to see how you are doing with our October Procrastination to Progress challenge.

Self-Check: Is Stubbornness Preventing You from Being Proactive?

If you are too stubborn, it becomes harder to be proactive because you allow your pride to get in the way of completing tasks. Before we go further in the series, let’s discuss this and do away with it for good!

Acknowledge Your Procrastination and Identify Why You Do It

The key to breaking any bad habit is to first admit you have a problem. Today we are going to do that and then dive into why we procrastinate.

Why “I Work Better Under Pressure” is a Lie for Most People

If you believe you work better under pressure, this short post will help you realize the truth behind two of the myths that cause you to believe this lie. Learning this truth has helped me better plan my schedule.

The Difference Between Procrastination and Laziness

Learn how to tell if you’re lazy or a procrastinator in Day 2 of our 30-day challenge. They aren’t interchangeable for everyone!

Poetry: 3:33

A late-night poem about moving forward and going back.

Impress Yourself: Permission to Rest

Have you taken time to rest? Are you ensuring you’re taking care of yourself and making time fir the things you love? It’s time to impress yourself instead of others.

“The Blessing”: Keeping Things Scriptural and Simple

Sometimes, we need to realize it’s time to get back to the basics in our lives. Here are some Saturday Night Thoughts from my mind.

“Interruption” by Brandon & Cornieta Whitfield

Cornieta and Brandon Whitfield’s book “Interruption” is a must-read for anyone who has experienced a setback in life. Whether a life-changing tragedy or a small blip on the radar, this book will help you understand how all detours can help point you toward your God-given purpose.

To the Person Ready to Quit Life…

YOU MATTER! If you are considering ending your life, please read this and take my plea to heart.