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Movies & Meditation: Project Power

The new movie “Project Power” got my daughter and I thinking about how much courage it takes to release your super powers…and what truly constitutes a super power.

Q&A: What Do You Do As A Ghostwriter?

In this Q&A post, I share the answer to what do I do as a ghostwriter. It’s abiutnbelping would-be writers become published authors, bloggers, and poets. Helping entrepreneurs write books that showcase their business and help them attract more leads. And it’s about helping you find your voice and share it with the world.

Movies & Meditation: When You Realize You’re A Showman…

Originally posted on Eyes Straight Ahead – Shell Vera:
My daughter and I finally sat down and watched The Greatest Showman a few months ago. It quickly became one of our favorite movies because of its message of hope, love, and possibility. Why did…