Brenda F.

As a first time author, little did I know about the value of hiring an experienced editor to review my manuscript. Shell was referred to me by my graphic designer who had worked with her on prior projects and felt that she would be the perfect person to review my first book “Keys to Becoming a Victorious Woman”. She was right. Shell read, edited and made suggestions regarding wording changes that would avoid offense to some readers and those that would open the book up to wider audience. Because this was a book for Christian females it was important to me that my book be edited by a like-minded believer – Shell was that person. I was well pleased with the editorial work done by Shell and even went on to have her edit my second book “Awakening to Angels”. I would recommend Shell to anyone in need of a great editor. ~Brenda Fields, Author of “Keys to Becoming a Victorious Woman” and “Awakening to Angels”

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