Jermika C.

As a new author who was on assignment with a book I believe God wanted me to write to help others but also for my own release from my past and ability to move into my future, I had a super tight turnaround with a specific deadline to hit. I reached out to Shell to see if she could help with proofreading of the initial draft, something I wasn’t sure she did. She not only was willing to help me despite the tight turnaround, but she provided some light editing where she saw pieces I could make stronger. I knew that the book had to read the way I delivered it, but I appreciated her taking the extra time to provide the feedback and look deeper than just seeing words that were misspelled. Shell operates with excellence and ensures you receive the input needed to be successful in meeting your goal for the book. I recommend her for anyone feeling lost with the process and needing great service.  ~Jermika Cost, Author of “I am Strong, Bold, Beautiful, & Free”

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