About You…

Are you a small business owner, writer, aspiring author, or overworked marketing executive who has a story to tell but doesn’t know where to start? Don’t let another day go by without sharing your words with those who need to hear them. It’s time to give your audience the chance to hear your voice and engage with you on a deeper level.

Do you want to blog but don’t have time because you’re running a business – or just don’t know where to start? Let me take the burden off of you by doing the writing for you. With one call every quarter and short emails in between, I will write your blog in your voice to help you connect with current and prospective customers. We will look at engagement, redirect strategy when needed, and work together so you get the best results in relationship building and sales with minimal effort on your part.

Do you have business documents you need to create but don’t have time to do so because you need to build your business through sales – or do you not have the skills necessary to create them quickly? Let’s work together and I will develop content  for you that helps you grow your sales, reach new prospects and leads, and connect with your MQLs in a deeper way.

Are you a blogger who is struggling to gain traffic or develop content strategy? Let’s jump on a call so I can share with you some powerful and actionable steps relating specifically to your blog and its audience! I will review your blog and share things that relate to you versus giving you general tips a simple Google search would tell you to do.

Do you have a book you want to write but can’t seem to get beyond the title page? We can talk about your overall story, your desired audience, and where you are stuck. Then we will write your story through interviews, inspiration, and my skills being used under your name! As a ghostwriter, I don’t need credit for the stories I write. I sign non-disclosures with authors to ensure their ideas are protected and we never discuss who really wrote the book. In the end, it is truly their story that is published and I just empower them to tell it by expanding upon their thoughts using the gifts I have been granted while they continue to use theirs. If you simply need some coaching, I do this as well so you can experience the joy of writing your own story!

Do you have a class or workshop you are trying to develop curriculum for but keep getting stuck? Sometimes all people need is someone from the outside to hear their ideas and offer insight on how to move forward or things to think about as they develop their material. We can talk to determine if you simply need guidance, accountability, someone to help you get through the process, or whether you need someone to step in and write the content so you can free up brain space and energy for other things to help you accomplish your goals.

With several years’ of corporate, non-profit, and small business experience, I come prepared to help you with nearly any writing project. I specialize in blogs and books, spending most of my time in the past on books and having shifted my focus to blogs in 2018. I work with any size business and authors who have been published by major publishing houses as well as self-published. If you need help, I am here to serve you so your story can get into the right hands.

Connect with me today by calling me at 860.381.0693 or by clicking on the Let’s Connect! page to discuss your business or personal project. There is no project too small since I specialize in small business owners and entrepreneurs, independent authors, first-time authors, and small business publications. I will accept some big projects based upon how they fit with my skills. If I can’t help you, I will always do my best to guide you toward someone who can.

I look forward to talking with you!


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