About Shell


I am Shell Vera: a mother, daughter, sister, and friend. I am passionate and sometimes courageous. I love to help others use their gifts, find ways where there are thought to be no ways, and conquer what I have been told is impossible. I am a behind-the-scenes kind of gal who sometimes steps into the spotlight when it will help others succeed.

I am a writer with a passion to help others reach new levels of creative expression in faith, family, business, and community. I am an artist who sees color where others see darkness. I am a nature enthusiast and dreamer who can sometimes be found lost in the woods, roaming a local state park, or sitting on a beach in the winter watching a beautiful sunset. I am an avid shower singer (and quite loudly too), wonderful stick figure artist, and lover of all things that bring unity and depth to the human race.

I enjoy treating every day as if it were my last and enjoying the precious time I have with family, friends, and strangers. I love to learn about others, explore the world, and enjoy a life without boundaries and boxes. Most of all, I like using my gifts and talents in supporting others as they use theirs, which is why I do what I do each day.



I have been an entrepreneur and freelance writer since 2011. Prior to that, I worked on small side projects while working professionally in various aspects of Marketing, Business Development, and Analytics for large corporations and small businesses. I am a past President of one of the longest-standing Toastmasters International clubs in Connecticut, where I learned communication and leadership skills I enjoy sharing with others and using in my career and personal life. You can check me out on LinkedIn to learn more of my specifics and see my recommendations. You are welcome to connect with me (just be sure to send me a note to let me know you are, as I don’t accept connections from random people).

I love words and using them to create pictures that engage others. I enjoy the challenge of making otherwise boring content exciting and was very good at doing this with reporting when I was an Analyst. By thinking outside the box and thinking of your ideal audience’s pains and pleasures, we will work together to identify who your story will help the most and where you will find them.

In 2018, I shifted my focus from mainly writing for others as a ghostwriter and blogger to developing programs that helps folks discover their voice, develop the courage to use it, and identify the proper platforms for sharing their story with others. These programs are now my only service offering, as I have quickly come to love guiding clients through the programs and watching them go on to succeed with their dreams and help others while doing so.

I enjoy working with others to share content in exciting ways and am fond of sharing the stage with other strong women and men who want to make a difference in the world. We all matter and we all have something to offer one another. If you are looking to use your voice and become more creative and stronger in your faith, family, community, and business but don’t know where to start, let’s connect.

I look forward to working with you!


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