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First fun fact: I hate writing about myself! It’s my Achilles heel. I never know what to say and feel like I am rambling, like now. And we just started.

I am a woman who has seen the dark side of life and chose to walk in the light. I am a woman who could have given up but chose to press forward to rise above all that was trying to keep me down. I am a woman who said no to others’ expectations and goals for me and instead traveled a path I created and watched myself in disbelief as I gained confidence and exceeded my own expectations.

I am a woman who loves being a woman. Who enjoys every moment I get to feel deeply and connect with another human. I am a woman who loves Jesus and humans of all forms and lifestyles. I am a woman who believes in “both / and” instead of “either / or”; yet, I am a woman who stands firmly for what I believe.

I am a woman who empowers others and gains such a satisfaction from watching someone transform in front of me. I am a woman who stepped out of her own fears into her possibilities and became what I once thought impossible. I said “yes” to God, life, and myself. I live to help others do the same.

If you want my professional background, it’s on LinkedIn. If you want my feelings and deep thoughts, they are in my writing, which can be found throughout this site and on my creative lifestyle blog. If you want me to help you become your best self and breakthrough the walls you have created that stop you from becoming a best-selling author, sought after speaker, world-renowned podcaster, internationally known singer, or heartfelt minister or pastor, connect with me here to set up some time to talk.

I look forward to getting to know you.


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