About You

It’s time to stop wondering how you can help others and start empowering yourself to share your story and reach others organically through the experiences you have had in life. TD Jakes (Crushing) and Lysa TerKeurst (It’s Not Supposed to Be This Way) released books about the same topic within a half year of one another and both hit #1 on the Amazon Best Seller charts because they shared their stories in their own voices. Similarly, you can share your story in your own way and engage people who others don’t have access to.

In a culture where we are so caught up with being first or most noticed, we’ve missed the point that some people don’t care about popularity or what others are listening to and reading. They want to connect with someone who understands their pain and can help them feel like they aren’t alone. YOU are that person for certain people out there. And it’s time for you to engage them and connect with them so you can help them rise and live the life they were created to live.

My ideal clients are men and women who know they have been through some things in life that will empower others to know that someone understands them. They are people who have triumphed over odds, beaten the system and risen above statistics, and persevered when life told them to stop. They are stay-at-home moms, entrepreneurs, college students, former state kids, ex-offenders who assimilated back into society, young adults who stand out from the crowd, and business professionals who have keys for helping others succeed. They come in all walks of life and across socioeconomic statuses. They know they were created for a purpose and want to dig into that purpose by learning their voice and sharing their story with the world.

If my ideal client sounds like you, then let’s connect today to get you started with the program and ready for sharing your story in the next three months!

With several years of marketing and writing experience–including ghostwriting for books, movies, blogs, and music–I am ready to empower you to discover your voice, have the courage to use it, and identify the platforms to share your story. I’m ready to guide you on this journey toward understanding your purpose in sharing your experiences and triumphs and reaching your ideal audience.

Connect with me today by calling me at 860.381.0693 and leaving me a message or by clicking on the Let’s Connect! page.

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