Additional Services

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In addition to my main service of voice discovery coaching, I offer selected ghostwriting and writing strategy services to business owners who need help getting their message out and who understand their voice but don’t have time to do the writing themselves or need some guidance understanding which ideas are good and how to connect with their audience better. These services include blog writing, blog coaching, writing strategy calls, and writing coaching calls. Each of these services was implemented based upon requests from ghostwriting project clients and voice discovery clients I have worked with in the past who needed further services. I have experience with large corporations, small businesses, and solopreneurs for nearly a decade as a freelance writer and marketing professional.

For those who know their voice, aren’t afraid to do the writing, and have a team ready to implement but need guidance on which strategy to use to connect more deeply, I offer a few strategy sessions a month where you can book me for 1 – 4 hours, depending upon the intensity of the help you need. Let’s get together and you can “rent my brain” for this time and come out of it with ready-to-implement strategies for 1 – 3 problems.

You can learn about these services and prices here. Because I love writing, if you have other types of projects you believe I would be a good fit for, let’s connect and I will tell you whether I agree. I am open to opportunities to work with people of integrity who have businesses helping others become stronger, better, and more fulfilled. I am especially passionate about working with survivors of family abuse, sexual assault, and other life struggles who want to share their stories and empower other survivors.

Your voice matters, regardless of what you have been told in the past. Each person has a story to share and a way to share it that is unique to them. If you have been silenced for way too long or feel like you have silenced yourself, it’s time to talk with me so we can get you moving forward and speaking your truth! It’s time to change your life by stepping out of your own shadow and fearing who you are.

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