Blog Writing

Do you need someone to just take over your writing and connect with your audience using your voice? You take the credit, I will write the posts. We meet once a quarter* to discuss strategy for month and then I write 4 blog posts and accompanying social media updates (IG, FaceBook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) for you to share. If you would like more detailed services such as community management, I can help with those as well.

Prior to starting services, you will complete a worksheet and we will have a one-hour call to review strategy and voice. If you already have a blog, be sure to share what you dislike or struggle with currently as well as what you like about it and would like me to continue. Contracts vary from one year to three years; the longer the contract the more you will save.

$600 for four 750 – 1000 word posts and 4 social media updates ($500 without social media posts but you commit to share on social media)

$1000 – 2500 for four 750 – 1000 word posts and 4 social media updates per post PLUS community management (weekly engagement with your audience by responding to comments as appropriate and engaging on other blogs), varies based upon size of audience.

(Payments are made through Zelle or FaceBook payments only.)