Writing Coaching Calls

Similar to the Writing Strategy Calls, these calls focus on your project and how to complete them. The difference is these calls occur on a regular basis while the Writing Strategy Calls are only a one-time deal. This is the service you will want if you need accountability, guidance, and someone to walk with you through the writing process. We can meet weekly, monthly, or quarterly based upon your needs.

The calls are one-hour long and they will focus on your:

  • Book
  • Workshop
  • Webinar
  • Business Documents
  • Screenplay
  • Video Script

$Varies between $100 and $500 per call based upon type of project and frequency of calls. My structure is set up so the longer you will need me, the more you will save. (I want it to be cost-efficient for you and to reward you for committing to complete your project). You will sign a contract for the length of the project. There is a termination fee if you choose not to continue with your project, as the discount is based upon your goal to complete the project by a specific date.

(Payments are made through Zelle or FaceBook payments only.)

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