Voice Discovery Coaching

For folks who don’t know what their voice is or how they would use it, this program comprises three phases:

  • Discovering Your Voice
  • Developing Courage to Use Your Voice
  • Identifying Platforms (Media) for Your Voice

During each phase, you will complete a series of assessments and exercises that will pull you out of your comfort zone and into a space where you are able to connect with what your inner self wants to share with the world. You were created for a very specific reason and my job through this program is to help you identify that purpose and start walking in it.

Past participants have realized their callings to ministry, education, business, media, and arts. Your voice isn’t always about telling a story through written word or books. Some folks have shared their story through music, others through sculpture and painting. Some individuals have gone on to write several books, while others became CEOs and launched the company they dreamed of for years. Your voice has a unique presentation so we don’t box it in.

I’ve created both faith-based and standard programs that will help you best understand how to show up in the world as your true self. This program is NOT life or success coaching, though I can recommend some great coaches who offer those services. This is strictly for individuals who need to understand their voice and the best platform for sharing it with the world. We work through exercises in which you make progress toward your goals while discovery AND using your voice, connecting with your audience, and sharing your story with others.

Once we identify your voice, we will develop the plan for the path forward, which may result in you working with another coach to develop your business strategy or work on relationships and life. My focus for coaching is to help people use their voice through the written word by empowering them to develop stories, music, poetry, scripts, etc. and connecting them with proper resources to help them in love and life.

If this service sounds like something you need, let’s discuss your needs to see if we’re a good fit for one another. If you only need a portion of the program, we will ensure that is all we do together. Our goal as we work together is to ensure you are equipped to share your story with the world in the most authentic way.

Starts at $1399 per month. Varies based upon number of sessions and follow up services. Offered for groups or on one-to-one basis.

Shell has helped me elevate my business to a higher level. She possesses a strong skill set in content creation for social media, marketing, and blogging. Her thoughtful and creative ways to show you how to use your voice are superb. As a voice discovery coach, Shell has taught me how to effortlessly outline my thoughts and turn them into blogs. Through her coaching, she has elevated my creativity to a level I didn’t know I could reach. She is laser focused and will do anything to help you reach your goals and those of your business. ~Zoraida Basaldu, Founder & President of EmpoweredFem, STEM Public Speaker, Teen Mentor

Shell helped me take my book from rough draft to ready-to-edit first draft by helping me consider my message, audience, and future goals of sharing my story. Though I knew my voice well and use it in my daily work, she helped me ensure it came through in writing as it does when you speak with me. ~Cornieta Whitfield, Author of “Interruption: Navigating the Detours of Life”; CEO of Speak Life LLC; Owner & Founder of Whitfield Wellness; Connections Pastor at The River Church Danbury

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