Strategy Sessions with Shell (aka “Rent Shell’s Brain”)

Sometimes you don’t need an entire program. You just need focused time to brainstorm with another human and hear something from outside your own voice. That’s where I come in! During our Strategy Sessions, we will hone in on the problem and identify a solution. How long and how many are up to your attention span and your budget. 

Stragtey sessions with Shell

One-hour calls (voice or Zoom) include:

  • You present one high-level pain point (an area you are struggling with and can’t get past), such as:
    1. Struggling with program development and need outside opinion on path forward
    2. Which path to take with self-publishing or looking for an agent and need some outside guidance on what steps to take to make this determination for your project
    3. Stuck with journaling and need some prompts and ideas to keep your mind flowing over the next month
  • On the call, we arrive at:
    1. One solution presented with tips on resources, tools, and people to assist with implementation.
      • Most people can implement ideas on the call or directly following.
  • After the call, you receive:
    1. One follow up email to answer brief questions, share any afterthoughts, and provide names of people to assist you, if needed.

Four- to six-hour Zoom calls include:

  • You fill out a pre-call questions which allows you to present one to three pain points you need in-depth guidance on, desiring to come away with a strategy that you can implement within the next few days. Such pain points include:
    1. Struggling to develop marketing strategy for next quarter
    2. Drawing a blank on event ideas for next quarter
    3. Can’t focus on blog and social media content ideas for the next quarter
    4. Stuck with program development and need an outside eye on the content, with ideas presented on how to move forward
    5. Need guidance with webinar or presentation run through with feedback for better delivery and fielding of questions
    6. Not loving your business and can’t figure out what’s blocking you from doing so
    7. Know you have a passion for ministry but can’t seem to find your place within the church for using your voice and helping others
  • On the call, we arrive at:
    1. One – three detailed solutions for each of the pain points, including resources and tips on how to implement in shortest timeframe.
      • Examples include complete social media or blog calendar development, new program skeleton development so you just fill in detailed content, or book marketing plans.
  • After the call, you recieve:
    1. One 30-minute check in call two weeks after your call.
    2. Two follow up emails to answer brief questions and provide names of people to assist you, if needed.

$Varies between $349 and $1149 per call based upon type of project and frequency of calls. If you need a full day or a retreat, those are available in special circumstances at a reasonable rate. 

What others are saying about strategy sesssions

What others are saying (excerpts):

Shell’s warm and inquisitive approach to learning about me as a person and my business struggles of writing was a Godsend. She created a welcoming and trustful conversation that encouraged me to dig deep into why prior design jobs weren’t fulfilling, something that I usually glossed over with most people. … I feel more confident in writing my blogs and some social media content. Shell’s honest feedback will open up those blocked writing channels and that’s coming from a person who says “I’m not a writer, I’m a designer.” ~Marisa Gonzales, Brand Strategist | High-End Website Designer

Shell and I met in a divine way: meaning multiple things fell into place that brought me to her services. I had an epiphany to put together years of my poetry and self-publish a book. I was recommended to find a developmental editor and thus I found Shell Vera. She is SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT. First off, Shell had a grace about her that I could sense just from our quick phone call. She saw me, understood me, and envisioned for me what I did not even realize I was looking for. Our phone call later turned into a few more zoom meetings and phone calls. Her guidance/services all felt completely genuine, honest, and in my best interest (not necessarily hers). She offered advice beyond the scope of what I expected that fully gave me the confidence and resources to complete my book. She helped me narrow down my target audience, create the best introduction to my book, and made suggestions on how to market myself. I could not imagine where I would be now if she and I did not meet. To that, I am forever grateful and know Shell has so much more to offer. I highly recommend her. ~Amanda Baker, Mental Health Therapist | Author

I first connected with Shell Vera in 2019. I was booked to be a guest on her Fireside Chat Series. We had a great interview and kept in touch after that experience. Weeks later, Shell noticed that I wasn’t maximizing my Instagram page and addressed it via text. She noticed that I was sending inspirational content to my small text network but not sharing it on IG. At first I was resistant because I had a different vision for my business at the time. Then I started using the strategies she gave me. Within a few months I saw a huge spike in engagement as well as a substantial increase in sales for my services and products. If Shell hadn’t stepped up to push me towards something bigger, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I strongly recommend her services. She is knowledgeable, caring, and has a visionary lens when coaching her clients. ~Robbin Marx, Producer | Coach

Shell is easily the most compassionate, insightful, gifted, amazingly giving, artistic individual that I have ever met! Her knowledge and willingness to go the extra mile to make it happen for you is matchless! Your life can only get better with Shell in your corner! ~Beloved Carter, Baker

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