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Customer Testimonials

Amanda Baker – Mental Health Therapist | Certified Yoga Instructor | Author

Shell and I met in a divine way: meaning multiple things fell into place that brought me to her services. I had an epiphany to put together years of my poetry and self-publish a book. I was recommended to find a developmental editor and… Continue Reading “Amanda Baker – Mental Health Therapist | Certified Yoga Instructor | Author”

Marisa Gonzales – Brand Designer | High-End Website Designer

Shell Vera’s warm and inquisitive approach to learning about me as a person and my business struggles of writing was a Godsend. She created a welcoming and trustful conversation that encouraged me to dig deep into why prior design jobs weren’t fulfilling, something that… Continue Reading “Marisa Gonzales – Brand Designer | High-End Website Designer”

Robbin Marx – Producer | Coach

I first connected with Shell Vera in 2019. I was booked to be a guest on her Fireside Chat Series. We had a great interview and kept in touch after that experience. Weeks later, Shell noticed that I wasn’t maximizing my Instagram page and… Continue Reading “Robbin Marx – Producer | Coach”

Zoraida Basaldu – Founder of Empowered Fem

The connection with Shell Vera was made virtually. I have never met her in person or known of her many talents. Through the power of social media we connected and my life has never been the same. Shell has helped me to find my… Continue Reading “Zoraida Basaldu – Founder of Empowered Fem”

Beloved C. – Entrepreneur

Shell Vera is easily the most compassionate, insightful, gifted, amazingly giving, artistic individual that I have ever met! Her knowledge and willingness to go the extra mile to make it happen for you is matchless! Your life can only get better with Shell in… Continue Reading “Beloved C. – Entrepreneur”

Kate H. – Evangelist & Writer

I have been working with Shell for 6 months. I started her coaching to find my voice as an Evangelist with a blog. During the exercises and questions I uncovered a long buried dream to write a 4 series devotional book. The dream was… Continue Reading “Kate H. – Evangelist & Writer”

Cornieta Whitfield – Coach | Speaker | Writer

Shell helped me take my book from rough draft to ready-to-edit first draft by helping me consider my message, audience, and future goals of sharing my story. Though I knew my voice well and use it in my daily work, she helped me ensure… Continue Reading “Cornieta Whitfield – Coach | Speaker | Writer”

Constance Smith – Author

I worked with Shell over 3-4 months in the capacity of her being an inspiring creative coach, editor and writer. She really helped me to feel that my book would be of influence to many people who are currently in the situation I was… Continue Reading “Constance Smith – Author”

Anna Westbrook – Writer, Composer, & Author

When I worked with Shell, I felt like she wasn’t afraid to be an individual and treat me like an individual as well. She knew what standard policies for resumes were but also knew how to get away with breaking the rules. She gives… Continue Reading “Anna Westbrook – Writer, Composer, & Author”

Cris A., M.Ed

Shell has excellent communication skills, both verbal and written. Her tone is poised, empathetic, and she seeks to understand before being understood; her demeanor is always professional. Her intuition allows her to earn trust and establish rapport with ease. Shell is tactfully truthful and… Continue Reading “Cris A., M.Ed”