Marisa Gonzales – Brand Designer | High-End Website Designer

Shell Vera’s warm and inquisitive approach to learning about me as a person and my business struggles of writing was a Godsend. She created a welcoming and trustful conversation that encouraged me to dig deep into why prior design jobs weren’t fulfilling, something that I usually glossed over with most people. However, Shell wouldn’t let me do that (in a caring way) and it ended up being an awakening for my writing with my design business. Although I still have some trouble writing (I need to talk to Shell again ;)), I feel more confident in writing my blogs and some social media content. Shell’s honest feedback will open up those blocked writing channels and that’s coming from a person who says “I’m not a writer, I’m a designer.” Thank you so much Shell Vera! ~ Marisa Gonzales, Visual Branding Expert | High-End Website Designer

Marisa helps heart-centered, inspirational women create strategic brand design identities + high-end WordPress websites + course creation by designing intuitive and functional visual assets. You can see her services and samples of her work on her website: Marisa Gonzales Studios.

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