Amanda Baker – Mental Health Therapist | Certified Yoga Instructor | Author

Shell and I met in a divine way: meaning multiple things fell into place that brought me to her services. I had an epiphany to put together years of my poetry and self-publish a book. I was recommended to find a developmental editor and thus I found Shell Vera. She is SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT. First off, Shell had a grace about her that I could sense just from our quick phone call. She saw me, understood me, and envisioned for me what I did not even realize I was looking for. Our phone call later turned into a few more zoom meetings and phone calls. Her guidance/services all felt completely genuine, honest, and in my best interest (not necessarily hers). She offered advice beyond the scope of what I expected that fully gave me the confidence and resources to complete my book. She helped me narrow down my target audience, create the best introduction to my book, and made suggestions on how to market myself. I could not imagine where I would be now if she and I did not meet. To that, I am forever grateful and know Shell has so much more to offer. I highly recommend her. ~Amanda Baker, Mental Health Therapist | Author

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