Anna Westbrook – Writer, Composer, & Author

When I worked with Shell, I felt like she wasn’t afraid to be an individual and treat me like an individual as well. She knew what standard policies for resumes were but also knew how to get away with breaking the rules. She gives honest feedback very constructively and doesn’t express any concerns without an associated action step. Most of all, she was generally excited about my work and what I was doing. That was very genuine. Sharing your work experiences, career goals, and your communication skills is a vulnerable thing to do. Shell makes people feel safe and that makes people more honest, which opens them up to creating better content. ~Anna W., Author of “You Can’t Read This Book” and “I Will Never Stop Coloring”; Writer & Composer of “Isabelle and the Runaway Train”

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Follow Anna’s latest production, Isabelle & The Runaway Train on IG! The production is a musical that supports #metoo survivors with training programs. Visit the website here.

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