Constance Smith – Author

I worked with Shell over 3-4 months in the capacity of her being an inspiring creative coach, editor and writer. She really helped me to feel that my book would be of influence to many people who are currently in the situation I was going through in my youth. She helped me address topics, anticipate questions and focus my message to reach those without a degree. 

I really feel that she took the time to get to know who I was as a struggling mom and person back then. She also saw the message I wanted to relay and the direction I want the book to take the readers. 

I felt secure with every step of the process because Shell always let me know I could reach out to her any time if I had any questions or concerns. She also had a guideline for every stage that explained the process and what the next step would be. She always assured me that at any point I did not feel comfortable with the timeline or anything really, she would work with me. I really appreciate this. She was wonderful to work with and would make a wonderful addition to your team. 

~Constance Smith, Author of Success for the Rest of Us: Using the Education and Skills You Have Now to Build A Business

You can purchase Constance’s book on Amazon here.

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