Zoraida Basaldu – Founder of Empowered Fem

The connection with Shell Vera was made virtually. I have never met her in person or known of her many talents. Through the power of social media we connected and my life has never been the same. Shell has helped me to find my voice in the topic of women empowerment making me more confident in how I show up to the world. She has a method guiding you through lessons and homework that is fun and interactive. Not only is Shell an amazing voice coach but also a friend. ~Zoraida Basaldu, Founder of Empowered Fem

Zoraida is the Founder and CEO of Empowered Fem, a non-profit geared toward empowering women to empower the next generation. We began working together in March of 2020 and have become great colleagues and friends, proving that empowered women empower women. We are creating life-changing services and products together that will ensure her foundation for women’s empowerment will affect generations we haven’t even begun to think about yet.

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Listen to our Fireside Chat here.

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