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I am a Voice Discovery Coach, writer, and marketer on a mission to empower others to talk about the things that are uncomfortable until they become everyday conversation; to remove the phrases “too deep,” “not enough”, and “too much” from the human vocabulary; and prove to everyone that even the most wounded inner child can be healed and partner with us for a successful and impactful life. I am the person who can both encourage you and make you laugh, sometimes simultaneously. It’s not often you’re in my presence for more than a few minutes without hearing a great story that makes you laugh, cry, and/or remember how much power lies within you. I believe we all have a story within us that will help at least one other person find the will to continue, know they aren’t alone, or find the key to the prison they have trapped themselves within. I am a mother to two daughters with a 13 year age gap between them, an avid reader, and a follower of Christ’s teachings. I live life in a way that allows those I am around to know they are loved and to elicit smiles from anyone I come in contact with. I am an introvert who receives my energy from time alone in prayer, meditation, and journaling, usually by the water or outdoors. I enjoy nature, movies, and plays. I really enjoy essential oils, spoken word, kickboxing, street tacos and guacamole, and time with family and friends (though limited to one-to-one or very small groups). I don’t mind ending sentences with prepositions, and I favor the Oxford comma. If I am not working, I can usually be found creating art with my youngest, lost in the woods listening to an audio book by Bob Burg or Darren Hardy, or coming up with a million business ideas with friends. If you want more about my professional background, it’s on LinkedIn. If you want my feelings and deep thoughts, they are in my writing, which can be found throughout this site and on my creative lifestyle blog ( If you want me to guide you in becoming your best self and breaking through the walls you have created that stop you from becoming an author, speaker, podcaster, minister, or pastor, connect with me here to set up some time to talk. I look forward to getting to know you. ~Shell

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