Essential Oils & Creativity: Roller Bottle and Diffuser Blends for Creatives

I use and am a preferred customer and independent member (#2298760, The Essential Creative (Shell Vera)) of Young Living essential oils. I’ve been using them for nearly a decade to increase my creativity,  help me open my mind, and increase my wellness. At any time when you walk into my work environment, you will smell the invigorating aromas of Journey On, Highest Potential, Peppermint & Rosemary, Christmas Spirit, and many more. As such, I blog about how they can help us excel in many areas of our life over at, my creative lifestyle blog.

When we work together on your voice discovery and writing process, I also incorporate the use of oils if you are looking for ways to overcome writer’s block, expand your imagination, and push past other blocks preventing you from finishing your projects. You don’t have to use them but since I have seen the benefits, I always share the information with others.

If you are interested in using Young Living essential oils, you can purchase them here, or reach out to me here with questions. I am happy to share with any answers I have or find the ones I don’t.

Diffuser Blends for Creatives

Roller Bottle Blends for Creatives

If you’d like additional education or to see how to use essential oils in various settings, check out the Oil related posts on The Essential Creative.

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