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If you like what you see on this blog, you may want to start following me on my other blogs, from which I will reblog my favorite posts. They contain additional content not shared here since this site focuses mainly on my professional work with highlights of other writing samples from time to time.

Creative writing site ( is where I share poetry and creative writing pieces. Poetry pieces have been written throughout my life and also contain samples that will be in my upcoming book Yesterday’s Tomorrows when it is released in 2019. You can also find the following series:

Pictures & Prose series are posts in which a photographer provides a photo and I write a creative piece in 15 – 30 minutes depicting what I see when I look at the photo.

Music & Musings series are posts in which I analyze songs and apply them to my life or share what I think about the song and how it touched me.

Movies & Meditation series are posts in which I share my thoughts about movies and how we can apply them to our lives.


The Essential Creative ( where I help others use essential oils to reach new creative heights. I share tips about using essential oils to reach new levels of creative expression. This includes posts related to faith, family, business, and community: the areas in which I believe we all want to reach higher levels of expressing ourselves creatively while influencing change and challenging others to grow. While I write from a Christian worldview, I don’t believe you have to be Christian to enjoy my blog. You can also find the following series:

Bible & Blessings series are posts in which we dig into the Bible in a creative way to really analyze what is being said within the scripture. IT MAY NOT ALWAYS BE THEOLOGICALLY CORRECT. That is, sometimes in my creative thinking, I may think about things that are not spoken of in the Bible – I share when I am thinking through this and wondering about the details not provided. It is meant to help us expand our thinking and look deeper into scripture and is not meant to be used for theological study but more of a life application and creative approach to studying the Bible. These will begin in 2019.

If you click on the Favorite Blog Posts link, you can see reblogs of some of my favorite posts, as well as ones others have liked the most. Feel free to visit and follow the sites or follow this one to be updated. From time to time, I will include posts here about the writing process, how to find a good editor, how to identify your writing voice, etc. to help you with writing your book, telling your story, and sharing your voice with the world!