Black Friday Preview for Young Living! — The Essential Creative

In addition to writing and coaching folks through the book writing and blog writing process, I am an Independent Distributor for Young Living. I’ve been using essential oils for more than a decade aromatically but started using them topically five years ago and started cooking with them on occasion (and carefully) two years ago.

I love showing folks how to use essential oils as part of a daily routine that enhances creativity and deepens faith. This year, I started The Essential Creative, my first lifestyle blog. I share about incorporating oils into my everyday life, including faith, creativity, parenting, etc. I am just getting it up and running and have some great ideas planned for 2019.

BUT TODAY – I shared a sneak peek to our Black Friday sale! Check out the great deals and prepare for Friday morning at 8 am MOUNTAIN Time (10 am Eastern)! In the mean time, head over after family leaves tomorrow for some of my thoughts on the items I am most excited about seeing on sale!

Black Friday preview for Young Living! Get started today with the oily lifestyle!

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Staying Healthy During the Holidays — Phoebe, MD: Poetry & Medicine

This post from Phoebe, MD: Poetry & Medicine has some great tips for staying healthy this holiday season. I know it’s starting early this year but the truth is, people are ready for this year to end so I want to be sure to talk to you about that. Let’s get through this season with smiles, love, and honor for one another. The healthier we are, the more creative we can be! And for many of us, this is our most creative season due to all that we take in during this time of year from our surroundings.


Holidays should be times of fun and enjoyment. For most people, these special days—whether it’s Christmas, Independence Day, or Thanksgiving—can seem like a perfect time to let go in order to indulge in rich foods and alcoholic drinks. But did you know that this can be harmful to your health…and possibly even life-threatening? In this post, I will discuss why and provide an overview on what you can do during these times to maintain your best health and prevent holiday illness, so that you can spend your day focusing on enjoying the occasion.

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7 Words Every Author Should Spell Correctly

I know social media is a beast we all play with because we have to. I also understand that many authors would rather be writing than making posts or engaging with an audience. However, if you are going to post on social media you have to ensure you are using correctly grammar and spelling if you want your readers to believe you write your own books. One of the quickest giveaways that an author relies too heavily on a ghostwriter or an editor is that your social media posts are riddled with spelling and grammatical errors despite your books being perfectly presented. STOP THIS MADNESS TODAY!

There are too many sites out there available to help you understand proper use of commonly confused words. Some examples include:

Since I know many authors – and that includes you – are too busy to actually go read the sites I just listed, I have shared the most bothersome misused words in an easy-to-reference infographic below. I hope you will take time to read it, remember the correct use of each word, and start applying this learning today.


As a bonus, folks who charge for editing by the hour versus the project will now cost less because they are spending that much less time editing your books if you also apply this to the writing in your books. Since these are not changes one can trust the spell check to pick up, editors must correct these mistakes as they see them in your book (though many editors will do a search and find at least once in the editing process to ensure all uses are correct).

7 Essential Oils to Get Through “Those” Days

The Essential Creative

Do you sometimes wonder how you are going to make it through the day? You’ve got the kids screaming, dinner burning, spouse about to get home from work, and STILL there are baths, homework, and bedtime routines. Maybe for you it’s colleagues or demanding clients, the stress of not being able to find work, or just waking up on the wrong side of the bed and wondering if sleeping all day is an acceptable option past the age of 30. Whatever your situation, when you have these days you wonder: HOW DOES ANYONE DO THIS?!

We’ve all been there. We have had those days where we want to get into the car, drive sixty five exits past where we live, change our name, and make a new life for ourselves where we live out our passions and smile every day. Just me? But we also all know that this is…

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Pictures & Prose: Dead End

Shell Vera: Poetry & Fiction

Sometimes I like to look a picture and then let my fingers run all over the keyboard. No edits – just free writing for 15 to 30 minutes without really thinking so much as letting my Spirit take charge and do its thing. Today was one of those days but I used two photos… one had to begin the story and one had to end it without losing flow. ~Shell

©Tanya Crance (Owner of Wonderfully Made Interiors)

I’d driven down this road before, knowing it led nowhere, yet I kept coming back to it. The sign staring me down each time I approached. “DEAD END” it shouted at me, challenging me like a “Wet Paint” sign not to let my curiosity win and instead just turn my truck around and go another way. I stopped momentarily, as I did each time I came upon the sign, and contemplated turning…

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Rachel Hollis’ #Last90Days Challenge & “Girl, Wash Your Face” Book – Join Me!

This is posted and ready for you to read over on my blog The Essential Creative.

It’s time to ensure we wrap up this year with a powerful book that will help you break bad habits by starting new ones and a challenge designed to help you end the year strong. Let’s make this the best fourth quarter yet!

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When Getting Lost Is How You Find Yourself…

Eyes Straight Ahead - Shell Vera

Have you ever felt like you aren’t walking the right path for your life? It isn’t a feeling like you are doing things wrong or like you are in a completely inappropriate place, but this feeling like you just aren’t on the path you belong on. You find yourself saying and doing things below the level of performance that you know you belong operating at… you are surrounded by people who are good people but aren’t pushing you to become better, to go higher. You look around you and you feel like maybe somewhere along the way you walked off the course that was your life and started walking a rabbit trail, yet in that trail you found elements of you that you didn’t know existed?

I have.

It has been my life these last couple of years since returning to Connecticut. I have felt like I have been living…

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Pictures & Prose: Be The Change

Shell Vera: Poetry & Fiction

Sometimes I like to look a picture and then let my fingers run all over the keyboard. No edits – just free writing for 15 to 30 minutes without really thinking so much as letting my Spirit take charge and do its thing. Today was one of those days. This is purely fiction and does not detail anyone I know or any location I know. Enjoy! ~Shell

img_1209 Copyright 2018 Johnny Miller

The Day I Received My Vision

I was walking down the same city street I’d walked down many times, singing the same song I’d sung each time I walked it. Lost in my own world, enjoying the break from the humidity, I noticed something was out of place that day.  I took in the sight, it looked the same way it had looked the day before, and the day before that, and well… really every day since I’d moved…

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Platform: Self-Publishing — Carrot Ranch Literary Community

This is NOT my post. I am sharing a post from Debby Gies. This is one of the best posts I have read regarding how to self-publish. I want to reiterate her note about how important editing is invaluable! Take note authors and soon-to-be authors, as the information here is invaluable! ~Shell

How to Build a Readership with Blogging and Prepare for Publishing by Debby Gies As writers who choose to self-publish, we must understand that we’ve chosen to be not only writers but publishers, marketers, and promoters of our work because these components are all essential parts of running a business. Yes, your business! If we […]

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Q&A: What Do You Do As A Ghostwriter?

Something I am often asked is what exactly I do as a ghostwriter. The answer isn’t as clean cut as most would like it to be. However, essentially what I do is learn your voice and pick up where you leave off so your story can get out to the world in the best format for your audience.


What the heck does that even mean, Shell?! 


As a ghostwriter, I am basically a midwife to would-be writers who want to become published authors but don’t know where to start. I help them think of what they know and how they would say it to the world through a series of thought-provoking questions and scheduled interviews. I gather materials they’ve researched, videos they’ve recorded, and audio files they’ve set aside and pull all the information into one book that they then review and make changes to. We go back and forth like this until we feel it’s ready for an editor. Our focus is 100% in the book and writing it. From there we will hire an editor, publisher, and graphic designer based upon your needs. I do NOT publish books and I don’t edit my own writing for books (this is an awful practice for anyone to maintain because you miss your own errors since you know what you wanted to say).


For some people, I am more like a Delivery Nurse who takes the baby after it’s born, washed it up, and presents it on Mama’s chest to nurse and raise. I take their 2/3 to 3/4 written books and help them develop it into a full story. For some, they need help due to poor grammar knowledge and vocabulary usage. For others, they type as it comes into their mind and are trying to meet a deadline and just need to push it off to someone else to continue. And yet for others, they just hit a block and need someone else to provide input and clean it up. This is NOT editing, as I am doing much more than looking at how things are flowing and whether the thoughts are fully constructed. I am writing pieces of the book for them and expanding upon their thoughts and knowledge. I’m looking for the pieces they didn’t see while typing. This would be like them standing in the forest while I am flying above it to give a new vantage point.


I am essentially a virtual assistant or executive assistant to the small business owner who is overwhelmed with marketing and advertising and wants to begin attracting more clients to their business or needs internal process documents created. I talk with them and we figure out which avenues would be best for their needs, and I share with them what I need to move forward. This may mean coming into the business personally or visiting through technology with some of your employees depending upon the required assets.


I am essentially a clone of you when it comes to blogging for your organization. Whether you are a small business or a mom who started a blog and realized you can’t maintain it, I work with you through a series a thought-provoking questions and interviews to learn your voice and then suggest content strategy for the next few posts. Depending upon your needs and budget, we create a plan for which I will do all the research and writing or for which you will provide notes in bulleted format based upon your knowledge of subjects we agree upon each quarter. We set deadlines and maintain contact between those deadlines to ensure we are both accountable for moving fluidly from one post to the next so your audience is consistently seeing new content.


And last but not least, I am a marketer to those who need someone to create content for “free gifts” on websites based upon work they already have created but need to reduce to teaser format to help attract clients and build email lists. I am able to write emails based upon most any asset offered to me that creates a desired “click”.


What I am Not


While some ghostwriters will write books, movies, or songs and then sell them off to others for income, I am not that type of ghostwriter. I do this work because I believe we all have stories to tell and just need help at times. All work I do is actually the author’s work and they just needed help getting it from their mind onto the paper. They would have written the very things I say for them if they had time, energy, and writing aptitude (and some do but don’t realize it, so I also point that out to folks).


I am not an editor who will take your already written work and just review it for flow and character depth, nor am I a proofreader who will just review your book for errors. If you need these services, I am happy to guide you towards others to discuss their process.


I am not a magician who can make you a writer when you aren’t one and I can’t create stories where there aren’t stories yet to be told. I am honest in our consultations about whether I am the best fit. If I don’t feel I am, I will share some others who may be better suited for your material.


If you would like more information on how I may be able to help you specifically, let’s connect! Fill out the “Let’s Connect” form in the menu and I’ll reach out to you within one business day.