Recommended Service Providers

Looking for someone to help you engage your audience in deeper ways? Connect with the individuals below to see how they can help you share your message creatively and profitably. The categories of individuals are listed here for convenience but you must scroll down to see the listings.

Coaches          Copywriters          Editors          Graphic Designers          Virtual Assistants


Vickie Gould has helped friends and former colleagues rise to Amazon best seller status quickly, thereby increasing their client portfolio. She works with entrepreneurs who would like to write books to expand their reach. Visit her website for more information about how she can show you her proven strategy for writing a book to increase your credibility and gain new clients thanks to what you already know. You’ll love her spunk and outgoing personality!

Kristina Voegele is the founder of Grit & Grace and is a Life Coach as well as phenomenal writerpreneur! What is a writerprenueur? Visit her website to learn more and sign up for her webinar with actionable steps to understand the concept and learn how to take your writing and career desires to the next level. Kristina’s posts and command of her craft will inspire all freelancers looking to become writerpreneurs.


I first met Jen as a client and later became friends with her. She is a phenomenal copywriter who has been trained by the best. If you want copy that converts, Jen is who you want! She has spark and drive that are unmatched, and her magic with words empowers you to love your brand on those days when you are ready to quit because you feel like you just can’t pull it all together!



Nancee-Laetitia Marin is a book editor and professional proofreader for indie authors. She helps you overcome the stress involved within finalizing your book. As you work with Nancee-Laetitia, you will remember why you began your writing career and the fun you used to experience during the process. Visit her website today to learn more.

Graphic Designers (Includes Branding Specialists)

At Infiniti Design, Nancy and her team brainstorm, sketch, doodle and color outside the lines. They’re an open-ended cube with endless creativity. Infiniti Design will partner with you to design, brand and expand your business to your target market in a creative, polished and exceptional way, ensuring that your business personality, services and products sparkle and shine.

Angela Peden designs strategic websites, graphics, and visual branding for female entrepreneurs and influencers, as well as female-led brands. You can see her portfolio here while she redesigns her website.

Virtual Assistants

Lovely Abbott Virtual Solutions offers Social Media Management and Virtual Assistant tasks to busy entrepreneurs. Her professionalism and response time impressed me! She answered my questions succinctly, provided me with a deeper understanding of her work, and helped me to know what I was looking for so I could budget appropriately. She is an avid learner who is always adding to her skill set so she scan better support business owners and entrepreneurs who need additional hands without adding employees at this time. View her portfolio here or stop by her website today.