Appreciation – Epitome Freewriting Story

Eyes Straight Ahead - Shell Vera

If you haven’t already heard of Epitome, it’s time to become familiar with them. I recently had the opportunity to freewrite during their “Appreciation” Album Release party. As the band played, Felicia Stevens of The Drunken Palette painted a beautiful rendition of what she saw in her mind and I wrote a story of what I was seeing in mine as we heard the music. Below the unedited story, you will see the painting. Enjoy!


He’d been walking throughout the day, wandering really. This church, that bar, stopped by a friend’s house, even ventured through the local State forest. So many opinions and thoughts. So many gestures of, “I love you” and “So nice to see you”. Yet he still felt as though he were alone. As he ventured toward the riverbank, he reflected upon his years. There were moments of joy, pain, happiness, sadness. Moments he thought…

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