Having Trouble Thinking of What to Blog About? Try This…

Thinking of writing a blog but aren’t sure of what you would blog about? Brainstorming is a huge help for most people when they know they want to blog but can’t figure out which topic would be best. Try this simple worksheet to get your mind thinking.

worksheet for blogging
Copyright 2018 Shell Vera

By filling out the above sheet, you start thinking about what you know and you’ll have approximately two to three blog posts worth of content when you finish it. If you have more than six elements, use the back of the sheet and keep going and then use those elements to construct your first few blogs! 

If you’re still having trouble after filling out the sheet, a Blog Strategy Call may be just the solution for you! In this 45-minute call, we will talk about your ideas, audience, and some strategies for moving forward with engaging content and thought-provoking social media posts folks will want to read.

Starting a blog can be easy once you jog your mind and think about the topics you are most passionate about and would have the most to write about at least once a week. Maintaining the blog is where most people have trouble, but creating a routine for writing and posting will help you ensure you never leave your audience waiting! I’ll share tips about that in my next post at the end of the week. 

(Note: If you prefer a PDF, please contact me and I am happy to share the file with you.)

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