Just Write Already!

As a ghostwriter, I often hear people tell me how scared they are of sharing their story. They’ve been holding on to thoughts and scraps of paper for as long as they can remember but fear putting it all into the computer, getting it edited, and publishing it. I hear excuses that run the gamut:

  • I don’t know how to write.
  • I’m not qualified to write anything about this subject.
  • No one wants to hear from me.
  • I don’t know how to put a book together.
  • I’m no educated enough to do this.

It’s time to stop lying to yourself and start writing the book that is within you. If the title of this post made you stop and read, you have a story within in whether you realize it or not. Maybe it’s in the form of a poem, graphic novel, or a medium you haven’t explored yet. Maybe it’s jumbled up and doesn’t make sense at the moment, but it’s there and it’s time to pull it out.

Maybe you know that you want to write your story but keep putting it off, like I have. In working with authors over the years, I’ve written, assisted in writing, and helped publish hundreds of books yet I’ve seldom shared my own works outside the blogs, anthologies, and contests. I have books half-written sitting on my shelves and computer archives. So this year I told myself it was time to stop “somedaying” myself and set a goal. I said I would publish my first book of my own by 12/31. I may make this goal – I have it almost complete and am learning the final pieces of the self-publishing process, as I’ve always worked with other publishers to do that piece. It’s been quite an experience and has helped me appreciate more deeply what my authors have experienced throughout the years.

This post wasn’t meant to be deep or share a lot of information. It was just a kick in the pants to say:

You have a story and it’s time to let it out, one word at a time. Don’t worry about what it sounds like or whether the writing is correct. Don’t worry about how it flows or what the structure is like. Just let it flow. And when you can’t flow any further, then reach out to a good editor or ghostwriter and they can help you complete it by sharing ideas, thoughts, and revisions.

Don’t hold yourself back any longer. Don’t let excuses stop you. It’s time to stop reading everyone else’s work and start writing your own! Coming in 2019, I will be sharing weekly writing prompts and ideas, highlights of publishing companies and individuals who can help you, and other helpful information. As I’ve prepared this year for how to best use this space in a way to help others, I realize you need to see what is out there to help you become a stronger writer and a published author. Let’s work on that together in 2019.

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