Sharing Your Blog Posts to Social Media to Increase Visibility

You’ve written your post and you’re super pleased with yourself. You head out of the office, enjoy your evening, and get a great night’s rest. You arrive at work the next morning, grab your coffee, and sit down at your desk.

Not a single notification.


You verify that you published and you check the phone connections and you wonder why something you spent so much time on wasn’t viewed. Not. even. once.

You Have to Tell People About Your Blog

You can’t expect people to know you have a blog if you don’t point them to it. According to a 2016 UMASS Dartmouth study only 36% of Fortune 500 companies have them so why would anyone assume that you have one when you don’t have a full staff and are trying to get by doing the work of CEO, CFO, CMO, and COO? When you run a small business or are a solopreneur, I understand that having a blog isn’t the top of the priority chain. (In fact, knowing that is why I began my business because you shouldn’t have to do it all yourself when fractional employees and ghostwriters are available to you.) But if you’ve taken the time to write posts and build a blog section on your website, shouldn’t you take an extra few minutes to ensure others know to read it?

In this this post, we discussed how important it is to build community. To share your blog with others and interact with those who engage with you as well as those you desire to visit your blog. Let’s discuss Step 1: Share your post on social media.

After you’re done writing, develop a graphic or two with Canva that shares the essence of your post. It can be a quote, something fun that you suggested, or the title of the blog post. Below find an example of a Pinterest graphic and Instagram graphic I shared on social media to lead to this post.

Pinterest Pin; also included at bottom of the blog post
Instagram post; can also be shared on FB
Twitter post, can also be used on FB or LinkedIn

Since I currently do my own social media and I am not at all a graphically blessed individually, you’ll note that I keep them simple. You can use the templates from Canva to help you or use templates provided by many stock subscription sites or graphic artists. This doesn’t have to take you a long time. The point is to have a visual you can share with your audience that will share something about the post to entice them to come over and read the full post. Add a catchy caption that tells them enough to whet their curiosity but not enough they don’t have to click.

Remind Them Within a Few Days

I’ve tried various ways of doing this for my own blog (my guinea pig for all tests) and for clients but what seems to work best if you don’t post daily on your blog is to share a graphic leading to the blog twice during the week if you post weekly. Ideally you want to post at least twice to four times a week for the best results. The more you post, the more you will show up in others’ inboxes and feeds, the higher the chances someone will see a notification and stop by. By posting a second time, you will catch folks who didn’t see your first posting. Make different graphics if you are worried about the duplicate image on Instagram OR design your grid to account for the dual posts so it falls into line with your overall look.

We often see things on our phones and forget to go back to them so you don’t have to worry about someone getting sick of seeing your post unless you post daily, multiple times a day. Folks don’t mind a reminder about good content, and you should be proud of what your putting into the world on your blog so share away.

Helpful Posts About Social Media Posting

Here are some posts from around the web to help you with choosing a time. Ultimately, you have to play around a bit to learn when your specific audience is coming on to read and share posts, but these are good starting points and are better than not sharing anything at all!

New Lune: Social Media Posting Times. This is also a great post from New Lune on sharing your blog posts. 10 Ways to Share Your Blog Posts – The Best Times to Post on Social Media in 2019

CoSchedule – The Best Times to Post on Social Media in 2018 based Upon Research. Since this was posted toward the end of the year and has a LOT of great info, I believe it’s worth checking out.

5 Comments on “Sharing Your Blog Posts to Social Media to Increase Visibility

    • My pleasure and thank you! I tend to not post here as much as I do on my creative blog. With writing / blogging being such a passion and me hearing so many questions and seeing things with clients, I realized they don’t always know where to look for help so I need to focus more on writing here too. But I don’t want to repeat what others are doing so I’d like to share folks like you who are already writing about things they need to know. I love how you share such great tips that are easily actionable. It keeps me fresh with my own blogs and social media when I get so focused on client work and remember I should do for me what I do for others! Thanks for stopping by!


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