Are You Waiting Until You Have Permission? Here It Is.

It’s interesting to me how willing we are to take unknown staircases when traveling, but how afraid we are to take the metaphorical ones in life.

Just as the steps in the featured image (by Viktor Hanacek of PicJumbo) lead to another level, allowing him to capture some stunning photos of Morocco because of his willingness to take them, we need to be willing to take the bold steps in life even when we don’t know the outcome! Unknown staircases lead to some of the most beautiful locations and views (see a few of them below, also from Viktor)!

Take the risk and go for that job you’ve been scared to apply to.

Start that side gig you’ve been afraid could fail.

Go for that client you think may say no.

Write the book you’re afraid no one will buy.

The worse that happens is you have what you have now but you’re one step closer to that win you’ve been praying / working towards. Best case, you succeed and get a yes / sell more than you expected!

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