Email Marketing for Creatives: How You Should Talk to Your Audience

Ashely DeLuca and I sat to talk about email marketing, moving from a side gig to a full time business, and how to set big goals for your life and business. She shares actionable tips for talking to your audience and growing your list, as well as inspires you to be more intentional about how you are living. Take a listen to the video and see what you can act on today!

Ashley K DeLuca and Shell Vera sit down for The Essential Creative’s Fireside Chat series to discuss email marketing, growing your business, and mindset shifts. Ashley is an email marketing specialist who manages email for small and home-based businesses as well as coaches others in how to do their email marketing. She shares strategies for profiting from email marketing and provides actionable guidance in this chat that you can apply today.

Ashley reminds us that if we don’t tell others what we do, they won’t know. So simple and yet so many of us forget to tell others what we do! She shares about the growth she has experienced in her own business and confidence levels as she has shifted her mindset from working for others to doing work she loves and knowing how effective she is at helping others reach their ideal client. She also shares about how scary it was to let go of her money-making tasks to go for what she is most passionate about.

This 40-minute chat is packed with a good conversation about how speaking to our ideal clients is so important and how to do it in a way that is true to who we are, how to do the scary things, and how to have BIG goals that come true. The two discuss starting a business after leaving a corporate job as well as how to believe in yourself and go for those things that help you complete your dreams. With a nod to Rachel Hollis and her tips and practices, the ladies share how they are inspired to do better and be better by doing what scares them at times and practicing consistency in setting and achieving goals. They wrap up with talking about BIG goals and how to reach them.

Visit Ashley’s website at​ and then stop by her social media to connect with her to learn more about taking your email marketing to the next level.

You can find her at:

Learn more about Shell Vera at​ for her Voice Discovery Coaching and ghostwriting / developmental editing services, or​ for her creative lifestyle community blog. You can also follow her on Instagram at​ or…​ to learn more about discovering your voice and excelling creatively in family, faith, community, and business.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fireside Chats are held each Monday on so come back each week to watch the videos and be sure to subscribe to follow Shell as she chats with creatives from around the US in the upcoming months. Want to be interviewed? Reach out to her on her blog or visit her website –​ – to connect with her.

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