Journaling to Discover Your Story

I am teaching a journaling class this Spring for the New London Recreation department. If you have a desire to learn how to journal to discover your story, process your thoughts, or have an outlet for your feelings, join us!

In this 8-week program, we will have 45 minutes of instruction on how to journal and flow with your thoughts and 45 minutes of writing / creative time in which participants will apply the skill they have learned by completing a writing prompt. There is an extra half hour built in for discussion and questions so if people arrive late, it doesn’t take away from learning.

  • Week One: Journaling 101: It’s Your Book, Your Rules
  • Week Two: Remembering When: Responsible Storytelling
  • Week Three: Outlining Your Life: Looking at the Timeline of You
  • Week Four: Benefiting from Writer’s Block: Blocks are For Building
  • Week Five: Free Flowing: When You Have Something To Say but Can’t Say It
  • Week Six: Breaking Patterns: Using New Thought Patterns
  • Week Seven: Pulling Back: When to Take a Break & Try Another Method
  • Week Eight: Why Me?: Why People Need to Hear from You

Supplies & Equipment You Bring: A notebook with at least 100 sheets, pencil and pen or any other form of writing instrument you like to write with.


Here’s the description from

Spring20 Journaling to Discover Your Story

Have you wanted to journal but don’t know where to start with it? Do you have a story to tell but fear you don’t know how to write well enough to share it? This class is for you! You will invest your time learning how to creatively journal through your thoughts so you can tell your story in a way that will make sense when you pull it all together in the future. By walking through exercises and writing prompts, you will pull together pieces of your physical and thought life that combine to tell your story: the story of you.
Date Information: Tuesdays, March 10 – May 5, 2020; 6:00 – 8:00 PM; 8 wks
Cost: $40 residents/ $45 nonresident; $5.00 late fee after start of class
Age Requirements: Ages 16 and up
Location: Winthrop School Library
For questions contact Sharon Bousquet at 860-447-5230 or email at

I hope you see you at the class if you are local. If you aren’t local and it sounds like something you’re interested in doing, I’m considering teaching an online version of it as well that spans the full 12 weeks from when I first taught the class years ago. Reach out to me if you are interested.

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