Trust the Wink

I was working last week while a family member watched “Survivor” and I heard this quote from Sarah. I guess someone had winked at her during a time when the contestants were being placed on lock down by another contestant. I put the quote in my phone and moved on. I had a million thoughts about the application of this quote ton our daily lives and needed to narrow them down to this one I’ll share with you.

In Sarah’s case, she had to believe her vote would be okay since she couldn’t talk to anyone. In our case, we receive winks daily from God, nature, friends, family, that we choose to trust or ignore. We can trust that it’s going to work out, or we can get inside our heads and think of all the reasons it won’t. We can wonder, “What if I fail?” Or we can trust, “This is why I’ll succeed.”

Life can be a scary deal. I get it. But trusting the winks we see daily and allowing them to continue guiding us will help us arrive right where we are supposed to be at the time we should be there. I won’t spoil what happened with Sarah just in case you’re not caught up. I don’t watch the show so I’m not fully aware of how the outcome affects things, but I loved that statement in that moment and the connotation we can take from it if we think of the winks we encounter daily.

As you’re at home unexpectedly this week and next, take some time to finally write that book, work on that song, develop that app. You can accomplish quite a bit in two weeks. People ask for extra time and now the world’s granted it for some folks. Let’s look at the wink not all the negative aspects. And let’s accomplish more than we believe is possible.

4 Comments on “Trust the Wink

  1. Shell, I absolutely adore this post! What a perfect analogy of the wink! Indeed, we really do miss so much when we fail to see our blessings in those small nudges to carry on.

    I’ve been where you describe, afraid to fail. The fear paralyzed me for a long time. It wasn’t until semi-recently that I decided, “Why not?” God opens doors that no man can shut and closes those that can never be opened. He knows where we are supposed to go and is more than able to get us there! We can only fail if we choose not to try. What a wonderful reminder your post is!

    You’re absolutely right; what if this time at home is a blessing for so many? What if marriages get closer, friendships form because we’ve been forced to slow down and pay attention, creative ideas form, businesses blossom into greatness, on and on. Indeed – lets pay attention to what could go right and believe our dreams ARE possible!

    You’re awesome, Shell. Thanks for being such an inspiration & encouragement to us all!

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    • Thank you Holly! There’s a poem from “Reverie” by Erin Hanson that reads:

      “There is freedom waiting for you,
      On the breezes of the sky,
      And you ask “What if I fall?”
      Oh but my darling, What if you fly?”

      This quote is so beautiful and reminds me that we are built for so much more than we know we are capable of.

      Last night, one of the coaches I work with shared this video and it says the same thing. I am rambling right now because I really do see this entire situation as a moment where God is winking on many and offering a reset if we can see through the fear and panic and onto the grace. Some people will receive a check that will be more than they would have earned all month, now have grace for being late on bills and taxes, and have just been given a pass because less than 2% of the population could become seriously ill. If that’s not a wink, I don’t know what is. We always put down the 1% for being rich and such, but now the 2% are the ones setting the path. Let’s celebrate that for what we can while praying for wisdom and best use of this time. (And I say that as someone whose life hasn’t changed personally since I work from home and for myself.)

      Here’s the video:

      Let’s all do more than we think is possible of us in these next few weeks and surprise ourselves with our outcomes!

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      • You aren’t rambling at all, Shell! 🙂 I love hearing your thoughts. Thanks for sharing the video. I will have a look at that!

        I agree with you: for so many, this is definitely a wink. My heart and prayers go out to all of those who this is affecting in major ways. Loss of loved ones, jobs, security on several fronts. I pray God would go to them and open doors for healing, income and especially comfort!

        I’m excited to see what God is up to. I believe the best is yet to come and our Lord is getting ready to set this world on Holy Ghost fire! 🙏🏼 Those who have stayed close to His heart and pursued HIM are about to be richly richly blessed in every way. Scriptural promises are coming to pass.

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      • Yes! Lana Vawser has shared some incredible words on intimacy that we are seeing played out right before our eyes. We must stay close to His heart.

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