“Interruption” by Brandon & Cornieta Whitfield

Seldom do you read a book about a subject most people won’t talk about and realize you aren’t the only one in the world who experienced a heartbreaking situation while also being inspired to move forward in new ways. With most books, you walk away knowing you aren’t the only one but having few steps to put into action. Or you walk away with steps to implement but very little assurance you really aren’t alone. “Interruption” is different.

From the moment you begin reading this book, you are welcomed in Brandon and Cornieta Whitfield’s world. You sit with them and walk through one of the toughest trials and learn how God showed Romans 8:28 to be true in their life. You feel their pain and cry tears with them as they share with you the pain they experienced as Cornieta miscarried their twin babies. And you get to see how God turned their mourning into dancing as they arrived on the other side of the loss…but I won’t ruin for you how that happens.

In full disclosure, I saw an early copy of this book as a voice discovery coach. In fact, Cornieta was the one who showed me this was a gifting of mine, as she was one of the first people with whom I looked at a book and instead of wanting to ghostwrite parts of it or drastically edit it for her, I instead wanted to share thoughts and help her see where she wasn’t fully sharing her own voice in the ways she did when on stage. She was ALREADY a phenomenal woman and speaker at the point she asked me to read this book, and our work together was focused on helping her expand that within her book. I believe working with her helped me become the coach I am today because she affirmed through the work she put into the book after we talked that the guidance was helpful and she was able to use her own voice in new ways and bring Brandon into the story more while also sharing a broader look at how their miscarriage translates into many experiences you have had in your own life, even if you’ve never experienced such pain.

But don’t let me seeing an early copy fool you into thinking that I had much to do with how this book turned out from a writing standpoint, because that would be misleading. You see, Cornieta and Brandon are a perfect example of a strong power couple who work together in all areas of their life and overcome struggles together. When I read the final copy, it was like reading a different book! I was so pleased with the final version and how they shared their story with the world in a way that relates to loss for each of us.

To launch their book, Cornieta and Brandon held a virtual book launch in which they brought some of their friends on with them to talk about interruptions…and talk we did! For an hour and a half, we had some great conversation with the couple about interruptions we’ve experienced, biblical stories relating to interruptions, and how we bounced back. Interested in hearing it? Listen here.

Did you notice that for their book launch, they barely talked about their book?! That is the kind of character these two have off the screen as well. In real life, they walked through this pain SUPER publicly and with grace. They put others first while going through one of the deepest, scariest, and faith-testing tragedies we can go through and did so with such dignity and truth. I watched them not knowing all that was going on and saw them before, during, and walked with them after as they launched their church and grew the family God was bringing them. In their pain, they were able to help people from all walks of life who were hanging on by threads at time. Their experience led them to be able to lead others through pain and talk with them at real levels, in ways pastors seldom do.

I highly recommend this book. I don’t get any royalties and I purchased my copy of the book. I am sharing it with you not so my clients can do better or be more known, but so you can be changed and healed. I want that to be SO VERY CLEAR. This book is a must read for everyone. Even if I had never seen a copy of it and was not a part of it in any way, I would be sharing it with you today because I believe in it. That’s why I waited until now to share it: I wanted to ensure I’d read it and digested the final version before sharing it with you.

Purchase the book here and be sure to leave a review when you are done. Both the Kindle version and the paperback are available through Amazon.

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