Going Full Time with your Side Gig: A Fireside Chat with Damaly Shepherd

I was able to sit down with Damaly Shepherd back in January and she has been wowing me since! We sat down for this Fireside Chat to talk about going full-time with your side gig, the power of sticking with a goal, the importance of personal growth, and how to ensure you are being mentored even if you can’t afford a coach. The chat is chock full of helpful information for those on the brink of going full-time with their side gig as well as those who aren’t sure that going full time is right for them.

Damaly shares how she got involved in photography, why being passionate doesn’t have to be a requirement to be successful at something, and how she had the courage to leave her job to go full time in photography. In the talk, we leave nothing on the table when it comes to real talk about the fear that comes along with going full time or the two sides of the passion discussion and whether it’s needed to be truly good at something! Listen in today to see what you can take away from it and apply to your life and career.

This chat really helped me look at the passion argument from another side since I’ve seen Damaly’s work and LOVE IT! Since meeting with Damaly for this chat, she has written a Medium article that went viral, added some new facets to her business, and recommitted to her mission of writing as well as sharing things visually. I get excited each time I learn of updates she is incorporating in her business as she, like the rest of us, pivots to account for the changes in how we are able to interact with one another right now.

Hear about her August sessions here:

Visit her site and check out her work today!

You can learn more about Damaly at https://www.damalyshepherd.com/

Find her on social media at:

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This post is an updated and edited version of this post from my creative lifestyle blog: The Essential Creative.

3 Comments on “Going Full Time with your Side Gig: A Fireside Chat with Damaly Shepherd

  1. I don’t even know Damaly but I love her already just from what you’ve shared, Shell! Her quote of, “Have a willingness to stick to something and believe in yourself. Do it scared because we are all out here afraid.” — Wow, that’s powerful!

    How often do we give up on something when we don’t see the results and immediately start our negative inner self-talk banter? I know that I do! Whether it’s self-sabotaging patterns, lack of self-esteem, motivation dips, or a combination of many things – it hurts when we let disappointment creep in and take over.

    Creativity is not really valued in our culture. It’s usually the first thing to get cut in schools, and creative people are told growing up, “Get real. Do something you can actually make money at.” We’re told to give up on dreams. Yet, God put those dreams in our hearts for a reason. If He has called us to something – He has already equipped us to do it. Everything we’ve been through in our lives prepares us for the plans He had for us before time began. 😊 At least that’s my humble 2 cents on the matter. What do you think?

    I love that you’ve featured, Damaly. She’s a special lady! God bless her for chasing her dreams, facing the opposition, and pushing forward. Inspirational! Your fireside chats always are. Sending love for you being you, Shell. You’re such a gift to us all! 💕

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    • You should check out her instagram, Holly. She is truly an inspirational person. I have learned so much from her just being together in the same coaching program and developing a friendship through posts and occasional calls. Her ability to truly be herself and listen to her intuition is something we can all benefit from. And her transparency is humbling and something we all need. She is one of my favorite humans that I’ve met in the past year.


    • As to the everything we’ve been through prepares us, I do believe that. I also believe that some of what we go through is for others and not even for us. It’s about those who are watching and learning from us. Whether we like to admit it or not, there is always someone looking at us the way we look at others.


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