Movies & Meditation: Project Power

If you had a chance to release your superpower, would you? What if you didn’t know what your superpower was or how it would affect others? What if unleashing your superpower was the last act you would do on this Earth? Project Power brought up some great discussions in our home and a chance for self-reflection about whether we were living our life in a way that people see our superpowers daily.

In case you haven’t seen the trailer yet, here is a look at the premise of the film:

Would You Unleash Your Super Power If You Didn’t Know What It Was?

In the opening of the movie, you learn that there is a new drug on the streets that will unleash your super powers for a set amount of time. Some people have fascinating, good super powers that help others. Some have dark powers that really don’t have any benefit to mankind and only cause destruction. And still, some simply destruct and die. You don’t know which you will be until you take the pill.

We had a great discussion about whether we would fear for the worst or take the pill and hope for the best. There are so many fears around how great we can be when we release all that we are and let the world see us with our greatest power revealed. When we don’t know what our powers are, it can be hard for us to want to do what we can to release them. It’s like we are holding onto to a pill but afraid to swallow it.

Some people have been through so much trauma and rejection, they won’t try anything new because they fear success. They’ve lived in failure so long it feels more comfortable to stay down than to rise up and become everything they were created to be. But this keeps them imprisoned in the place of never knowing how truly powerful they can be.

If you are one of these people who fear knowing the unknown, I want to tell you:

We need you…

We are waiting for you…

Whatever has been happening up to now, it’s time to put the negative behind you and let God work through you as He designed you to live. It’s time to unleash what is within you, share those things that come so naturally to you that they don’t feel like work or like they could possibly be profound to others. Some of you who have struggled will find that when you step into your true super powers, your true anointing, your true self, you will have results like you’ve never had!

I won’t be naive enough or fake enough to tell you life will be perfect or everything you’ve personally dreamed of (that’s a lie from people who want your money not those who care about your soul), but I will promise that a life lived in your true purpose feels good regardless of the other circumstances. Employed or unemployed. Rich or poor. Skinny or overweight. Things going your way or things falling apart around you. You will know that you’re in the right place and doing the right thing, and that means more than anything when you truly want to live a life that impacts others!

Do You Help Others Use Their Super Powers?

As a coach, I love to help others unleash their super powers. It’s the part I love most about my career. I am a connector who enjoys connecting people to one another as well as to resources that can help them multiply the impact of their voice. As I watched this movie, I thought about how not everyone understands that seeing connections and empowering others to use their power is something we all have the ability to do.

When we truly listen to others, truly take the time to hear what they are saying beyond their words, truly take time to engage with them, we find that others reveal their super powers in everyday conversations. When they are comfortable with us, we may even see those super powers at work because they will use them without thinking about it.

I love when I see someone operate fully in their purpose. There is this beauty about it. A glow in how they show up. Whether through their words, the tone of their voice, or the art they create, there is an element of excellence that can’t be explained. You know when someone is doing what God designed them to do. It flows with ease and excellence, joy and gratitude, poise and confidence.

When you use your super powers, operate in the area God anointed you to show up, others around you want to do the same. So when you show up fully, you automatically empower others to do the same. Did you realize that?

Just by being you, you can help others be their best and use their super powers!

Let’s Use Our Powers and Create a Better World

Will you turn on your power today and encourage others to use theirs? It only takes a change in posture – no magic pill, no magic words, no magic at all. Just a simple change in the posture of your heart. It may feel impossible but it’s absolutely possible when you truly want change and are tired of living with little purpose and zeal for life.

While the movie got us thinking about our powers and how we can use them to be our best for this world, we ended up talking about how we can serve God since that is our family’s main priority in life. We want to do what we can to spread his love and truly live the way we believe He has called us to live. We live in a broken world where there is pain and sadness all around us. No one is perfect (not even Christians) so we all have to our best, regardless of our faith or lack of it, to see the best in others and help them become even better. Whatever you believe, however you show up in the world because of that belief, my prayer for you today is that you will show up and shine to the best of your ability so others will be drawn to you and want to live better lives too. If we all did our best and used our powers for good, we’d live in a completely different kind of world.

You can check out the movie here on Netflix if you’re interested in watching it.

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