Know When To Take A Break

One of the things about getting overwhelmed is that we often mistake it with stress from the work or the intensity of a project. But sometimes you just need to take a break. You are going to have days when you realize that you can’t stick to a goal, can’t perform another task, can’t do anything productive because you just need a break. It doesn’t always mean you are stressed or that you’re thinking too intently. Sometimes it just means it’s a beautiful night and you want to enjoy it.

Be Present for Your Loved Ones

When we are overachievers and procrastinators we can easily work all hours of the day. We can spend all of our time DOING and very little of our time BEING. To be your most productive self, you have to take time out for family and friends. You cannot work all the time and expect to get through this life truly joyous and content. You begin the feel like the only people who value you are those who you can do things for.

As you continue this challenge, be sure you are building time into your schedule to be with those you love. Do things that make you laugh, cry, and enjoy life. Give yourself time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. This challenge IS NOT about making you a workaholic who never steps away. It’s about empowering you to stop putting things off until the last minute so stop feeling imprisoned by projects, tasks, and activities.

Plan for Breaks in Your Schedule

When you plan for breaks, you will be able to take some time to yourself when you want it. Not because you are procrastinating but because you want to enjoy the sunset or a night with friends or time with the family. Shoot, sometimes you just want to watch a television show or sit with your feet up for a change. That is completely okay and is part of a proactive lifestyle as much as planning your schedule, setting priorities, and breaking things into little pieces.

Woman wrapped in blanket, writing in book.

Differentiate Between Procrastinating and Proactively Taking Care of Yourself

When you go to the doctor for wellness visits you are proactively taking charge of your health. When you go for a sick visit, you are reacting to your health. Procrastinating is a reaction. When you take a break because you’ve done the work and want to step away for a little bit to recharge, you’re being proactive about your health. When you step away just because you don’t want to do it, you are procrastinating.


Build time into your schedule for loved ones and fun. This will help you enjoy the life you are creating instead of feeling trapped within it.

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