Looking at Holiday Marketing from a Different Perspective

If you want to be different, do things differently.

If you’d like to share gifts with your audience this month, stop with the 12 Day of Christmas or other fancy, PC names for the same giveaway, and instead truly share value that has NO STRINGS.

What am I talking about?

Instead of sharing your “free gift” and spitting folks into a never-ending nurture campaign that they can’t get out of until they sacrifice their firstborn and give up the details of their long-lost cousin Albert’s hidden gems, record their email so you know who has your content and move forward. Don’t email them again. Ever. Until they enter into your email list with a true desire to learn what you are selling versus downloading that freebie that is an ancillary product you offer like soda at a restaurant.

Instead of introducing them to your friends and entering them into your friends’ email welcome sequences, share your friends’ blogs, social media accounts, podcasts, or YouTube channels. Let them decide whether they want to subscribe and join.

Source file: https://media.giphy.com/media/3ohhwFvnboEssAIIko/giphy.gif

I know I am kind of blowing up the email marketing game here, and I hear the toes I just stepped on curling up, but here’s why I am willing to say the things others won’t: If you want to be different, do things differently.

Right now we are all being hit with spam like it’s going to go away tomorrow (one can pray, can’t I?).

Many of us are overworked, overwhelmed, and one email away from giving up online shopping forever (**oh for the love of Amazon please stop with the dramatics, Shell**). What we want is helpful information not another holiday sale where we can spend the money from the job we are barely holding onto, and not always because we are about to be fired but for some because we are three missteps away from testing out if one truly needs money to be happy.

So let’s give our readers – and ourselves – a break.

*Let’s give them joy without headaches.

*Let’s give them gifts without strings – unless the gift is string, which could be interesting and I’d like pictures of how that goes over.

*Let’s give them something they haven’t experienced – a silent inbox when it comes to our names.

When December is done, and they are going through and unsubscribing during their “New Year, New Me” movement gestures, guess whose name won’t be top of their list?!

That’s right friends, yours.

Because you didn’t add stress but instead put yourself in their shoes and thought of them the same way you thought about yourself and your own email wishes.

Happy Holidays!

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