Empowered Teens Guide Book: Middle School Version (Empowered Fem) – Voice Discovery Coach, Editor, & Marketer

This book has been a beautiful project that Zoraida Basaldu, Founder and President of Empowered Fem, poured her heart into. By working with her as a Voice Discovery Coach, I helped her through a series of exercises, blog writing, and marketing activities that helped her find her voice for empowering teens. The result: This beautiful 12-week program for teen girls in Middle School!

As of the writing of this post, she has secured a committed from 3 schools in Texas, which will be going through the program with more than 50 girls.

The book can only be ordered by reaching out to Zoraida at Zoraida@EmpoweredFem.org to discuss bringing the program into your school, organization, church, or small group. It is a 12-week program that walks teenage girls through a series of empowerment topics that result in them being more self-confident, know how to use social media responsibly, and think about STEM options and other avenues for their future careers.

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