God Blocked It (Dr. Tamika Hall) – Co-Author

Publish Date: January 12, 2023

God Blocked It! Is the fifth book in the She Wins By Faith Anthology Series. My dear sister or brother, I want you to know that Satan is a liar and a trickster. He has mastered the art of illusion. He has studied you from the moment you entered the earth and knows how to get under your skin. Satan knows how to make things appear bigger than they are – including himself. Just because Satan has a loud roar doesn’t mean that He is a match for our God, the Lion of Judah! God ALWAYS wins! I challenge you to turn over your fear, shame, upset, depression, etc., to God and allow Him to shift, change, and yes, BLOCK some things in your life, you will see that He will release a SUDDENLY in your life!

I decree that SUDDENLIES are being released in your life as you make your way through this anthology. God is blocking the snares of the enemy that have been sent to distract, derail and destroy you. I declare that your wealthy place is upon you, success is chasing you down, and you shall live and not die! You will live to declare the works of the Lord!

Be inspired by the following featured authors:

  • Laqueshia Britt
  • Kinshawda Daniels
  • Heidy De La Cruz
  • Berthienna E. Green
  • Nikki Green
  • Danielle N. Hall
  • LaKeisha Hall
  • Desha Henfield
  • Lynea Houston
  • Maria Jenkins
  • Danae R. McCain
  • Cassandra L. McCray
  • LaTonya Murray
  • Deborah Olusoga
  • Dr. Devita J. Parke
  • Jennifer Penick
  • Mercy Y. Pinder
  • Kimberly Robinson Green
  • Kishia L. Robinson
  • Robin M. Sample, MSW
  • Anne Sewell
  • June Smith
  • Pastor Stephany Smith
  • Prophet Alisa Stilley
  • Shell Vera
  • Brandi Nichole Wallace
  • Chantay West

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